S.O.S. (Safety on Scene) Program

S.O.S. (Safety on Scene) Program

You’re driving north on US41 with your spouse when the unthinkable happens – a truck runs a stoplight and slams into the driver’s side door. When Charlotte County Fire & EMS arrive, they find you both unconscious. Worse yet, you have a chronic medical condition that may affect the manner in which paramedics and hospital personnel administer treatment. With both of you unable to communicate, who will tell them?

Life is unpredictable and preparation is your best defense. For this reason, Charlotte Regional Medical Center has teamed up with Charlotte County Fire & EMS to bring you the Safety on Scene (S.O.S.) program.

The premise for the program is simple. A plastic business-card-size folder, kept in the glove compartment of your car, holds all of your basic information, including your photo, address, phone number, medications, allergies, medical history, and emergency contact. A S.O.S. sticker is placed on the back of your rear view mirror so that rescue workers know you participate in the program.

When rescue workers reach the scene of an accident and see a red and white S.O.S. sticker on your rear view mirror, they will immediately retrieve the folder from your glove department.

To obtain your free S.O.S. packet, call the Charlotte County Fire & EMS at 743.1367.