Pastoral/Spiritual Care

Pastoral / Spiritual Care


Caring for Physical and Spiritual Needs

We have several volunteer chaplains and patient representatives at Charlotte Regional Medical Center. They are the spiritual and ethical advocates for our patients and their families. The goal of the chaplain and patient representative is to help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families.

Upon admission, each patient is given a survey on which they can indicate their religious and/or spiritual preferences: denomination, church to be called, and requests to have a chaplain visit. The chaplain does not take the place of the patient's minister, but seeks to enhance spiritual nurturing whenever needed. Prayers, scripture readings, and religious rites (Anointing, Holy Communion, Baptism, etc.) are offered when appropriate.

Bibles are located in a drawer in each patient room. Many other resources are available upon request.

Patients and their families may call the chaplain and patient representative at any time to discuss end-of-life issues: Advance Directives, Living Wills, DNRs, and hospice care choices. A complete list of patient rights and responsibilites can be found in our Patient & Visitor Guide. The chaplain's office is located in the main building, on the first floor, in back of the Emergency Room waiting area. The chaplain's cell phone number is  941-456-1487.