Lil' Bits Child Safety Seat Program

Lil' Bits Child Safety Seat Program

There's A Lot Riding On Your Tires

The most precious cargo you carry in your automobile is your child. Sadly, however, a shocking 51 percent of infants to five-year-old children are not restrained in car seats. The result? Car accidents are unnecessarily claiming the lives of thousands of children each year.

Charlotte Regional Medical Center has teamed up with Charlotte County Fire & EMS to do something about it! Together, they have launched the Lil' Bit Child Safety Seat program. "Our program has two primary goals. First, we want to raise awareness about car seat safety and help parents make sure they are installing car seats properly," says Dee Hawkins, public information officer for Charlotte County Fire & EMS. "Our second goal is similar to that of the SOS program (see article on this web site). We want to provide rescue workers with basic information about the child at the scene of an accident."

Vital Information At Hand

Installing a car seat properly is not always an easy task, admits Hawkins. "Several of our staff members recently attended the National Highway and Traffic Safety Training Session on proper installation of Child Safety Restraint Systems," she says. "The course was 32 hours long! With so many types of car seats and so many types of cars, it can be a real challenge to install a car seat in the way the manufacturer intended."

While at the checkpoint and as a part of the program, parents will be given an informational sticker to place on the back(or bottom for rear facing seats) of their child's car seat. The sticker will provide rescue workers with basic, but vital, information at the scene of an auto accident. "It will contain the child's name, address, medications and emergency contact. This is extremely important if the child's parent is knocked unconscious during an accident," says Kelly Riley, marketing coordinator at Charlotte Regional. "Similar to the SOS Program, a sticker will be placed on the back of your rear view mirror to alert rescue workers to your participation in the program."

For more information on the program, call Charlotte County Fire/EMS at  941-743-1367 or Charlotte Regional's Marketing Department at  941-637-2451.