Spine Academy

Our Patients Come First

Charlotte Regional Medical Center’s Spine Academy is committed to helping patients suffering from spinal disorders ranging from the very simple to the very complex. Whatever the problem, we address your situation with skill, care, and a sense of urgency. With PriorityConsult®, a state-of-the-art medical triage software system, our surgeons provide a rapid review of your medical condition within days - not weeks.

Priority Consult®: Fast, Efficient Care for Your Spine

Once we are contacted about your spine problem, we will call you to obtain a detailed medical history and collect recent X-rays, MRI, or other scans of your spine. The surgeon will review your medical information, and we will call you with a recommendation within a few days. The surgeon may recommend an immediate appointment. However, many patients benefit from additional treatment and testing prior to a surgeon appointment. The surgeon may recommend that you see one of our rehabilitation physicians, receive physical therapy from one of our network therapists, or schedule additional testing such as an MRI.

Personalized Coordination of Your Care

If the surgeon recommends treatment prior to an appointment, a Nurse Navigator, who is a nurse with experience in assisting patients with spine pain, will call you with educational information and help coordinate your treatment. We will maintain communication with you and your referring physician throughout your care experience to ensure your total satisfaction.

For more information on Charlotte Regional's Spine Academy, call 941-637-2499.

Will I need an appointment with the surgeon?
Yes, if your surgeon recommends one, or if you prefer an appointment. However, some patients will not need to wait for an appointment with the surgeon. In these cases, the surgeon will design a treatment plan and begin directing the patient’s recovery immediately.

Once the surgeon has all of my information, when will he review it? Will I get a telephone call with the results?
The surgeon will review your medical history and films the day your complete information is received. The surgeon’s nurse will then contact you to discuss his recommendations and to review what steps should be taken next.

How long will it take for me to get better?
Recovery varies greatly from patient to patient. Your general health, level of fitness, and lifestyle will contribute to how quickly you recover. Your own commitment to your recovery - your commitment to complete the treatment as directed - is equally important. Finally, you will be urged to continue proper spine care after completing your treatment.

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