Same Day Surgery Center

Ambulatory Care Center

Serving a Variety of NeedsAmbulatory Care

Many people will pass through Charlotte Regional Medical Center's Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) either as an inpatient or on an outpatient basis. Pain management, preoperative care and postoperative care are all performed here.

Pain Management

Whether you're dealing with a constant backache, pain after a surgery or the pain associated with a terminal illness such as cancer, Charlotte Regional Medical Center's pain management program can help. There are many types of techniques to help reduce or alleviate pain in its entirety, from blocks/injections to spinal cord stimulators.

Preoperative Care

Patients who are here for same-day surgery or other types of surgery will experience a high level of care from our qualified staff. Preoperative care includes teaching the patient about what is going to happen with their specific procedure, both before and after the surgery. Pre-op will also include hospital gowns, an IV, a head-to-toe assessment by one of the nurses and when necessary, additional lab work.

Postoperative Care

After surgery, the staff of ACC monitors the patients and makes sure they are stable in all aspects. We provide the necessary physical therapy, crutch training and rehabilitation. Same-day procedures including colonoscopies and cataract surgery usually allow patients to leave the hospital in as few as 15 to 20 minutes after the procedure. Other surgeries, such as hernia surgery, foot surgery, appendectomies or bronchoscopies require a longer stay ranging from an hour to an overnight observation.