Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Whether a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, many people know firsthand how injuries can prevent participation in the activities they enjoy. The goal of the Sports Medicine Program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center is to help patients get back in the game — and keep them there.

The program is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes of all ages, from high school football players to the weekend golfer.

Getting Started

A patient's physician must order rehabilitative services on their behalf. The program begins with a complete physical assessment by one of CRMC's certified athletic trainers or physical therapists. That team consults with the patient's physician, coach and/or personal trainer to tailor a program to meet the individual's needs. The program may include physical therapy, a home fitness program and/or membership at our Wellness Center. The sports medicine team also emphasizes conditioning and strengthening exercises that help prevent future sports-related injuries.

Let Us Help You Live Life To Its Fullest

The Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is located at 733 East Olympia Avenue in Punta Gorda, directly across the street from Charlotte Regional Medical Center. For more information about our services, please call us at 941-637-2450.