Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our Focus

The occupational therapy program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center focuses on helping patients regain skill and strength in their upper extremities following injury or illness. Our certified occupational therapists assess each patient's ability to perform the physical skills needed to function at home and/or at work. The therapist then works with the patient to set goals and develop an individualized plan of treatment.

Getting Started

To initiate treatment at the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, your physician must order rehabilitation services on your behalf. If you do not have a physician or would like more information about the physicians in this area, please call Ask-A-Nurse at 637-2497 for a free, confidential physician referral. Based on your physician's diagnosis, one or more members of our team will perform a complete physical assessment and develop a therapy plan to address your individual medical needs. Depending upon the type and severity of your injury or illness, your therapy plan may encompass more than one discipline.

The Program

Patients recovering from hand and wrist fractures, as well as other injuries to the upper extremities, are led through an individualized care plan that improves muscle and tendon strength and helps patients regain function and dexterity. In addition, therapists show patients how to make physical adjustments that facilitate their ability to perform tasks.

Patients recovering from auto, home or work accidents or from heart disease and surgery may receive comprehensive evaluation of their functional capacities to establish the extent of their physical loss. For those who can benefit from it, intensive work or reconditioning therapy is coordinated through the occupational therapy department. Other services include on-site job and ergonomic analysis, back schools and other injury prevention education classes to reduce cumulative trauma disorders and repetitive strain injury.

For many patients recovering from debilitating illnesses, treatment focuses on improving self-care skills such as shaving, dressing and simple meal preparation. Therapists use specialized activities and exercises to improve muscle strength and sensory and motor skills. In certain cases, custom-fitted equipment is utilized to assist patients in performing self care, work and/or recreational activities.

How To Contact Us

The Wellness and Rehabilitation Center is located at 733 East Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda, directly across from Charlotte Regional Medical Center. For more information about our services, please call us at 941-637-2450.