Nursing Units


Taking Care of You

In addition to offering exciting opportunities, nursing at Charlotte Regional Medical Center covers a wide variety of specialties. Nurses have the advantage, under our wide spectrum of services, of working with our complex surgical patients and evolving into the most highly specialized open-heart nurses. The supportive environment for nursing fosters growth for our staff and high standards of care for our patients. And best of all, we're known as the hospital whose nurses really do care.

Progressive Care Unit

The progressive care unit is a 16-bed, dynamic step-down unit focusing on, but not limited to, cardiac thoracic surgery, MI and congestive heart failure patients. Patient care is planned in supportive collaboration with the patient, their family and a knowledgeable health care team. We deliver a compassionate, individualized plan of care that is age-specific to meet the patient’s needs. We are proud of our family-oriented work environment that utilizes the latest in technology to enhance patient care and professional growth.

Medical Surgical Unit

The care on this unit, which manages a population with different challenges, is supported by nurses who have a knowledge base in orthopedics (major joint replacement), chemotherapy and general management of operative patients. Their knowledge base extends to include dressings, drains and pain management.

Intensive Care Unit

The 12-bed, intensive care unit has a staff that provides acute care for both medical and major surgical patients. Medical patients include ventilator patients, sepsis, major endocrine disorders (such as diabetic ketoacidosis or diabetic coma) and cardiac patients. Interventional Cardiac Care Unit

This 16-bed unit cares for pre- and post-interventional cardiac procedure patients. The staff in this area specializes in the fast-paced, short length of stay and special needs of these patients. In addition, it serves as an overflow area for the Progressive Care Unit when it is full. Major activities include preparation for, and recovery from, invasive cardiac procedures.


This unit primarily manages cardiac patients who require specialized nurses and continuous cardiac monitoring. The staff members of this unit reflect a higher RN mix than the medical/surgical unit because the nurses assess and manage patients receiving continuous IV drips.

Other Nursing Opportunities

We also have nurses who work in other important areas of the hospital including the Emergency Department, Medical Imaging, Riverside Behavioral Center, the operating room and PACU.