Emergency Department

Emergency Department

ER Extra - Extra Fast, Extra Easy & Extra Great!

“ER Extra” is a revolutionary emergency room experience aimed at making sure patients get the care they need in a prompt and courteous manner.  Charlotte Regional's “ER Extra” program streamlines the process while simultaneously keeping patients and their families informed about what to expect.  

“A smooth visit from start to finish is our goal at Charlotte Regional and ‘ER Extra’ is giving our staff, nurses, and physicians the necessary tools to make this a reality for each and every patient we meet,” said CEO José Morillo.  

Charlotte Regional is very focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its emergency room operations and understands that no one wants to wait in an emergency situation. “We’ve always prided ourselves on excellent patient care and customer service, but as new techniques are designed and implemented, we predict we will be able to exceed our visitors’ expectations through ‘ER Extra’,” Morillo continued.  

ER Extra has helped Charlotte Regional reduce its patient registration to physician times to below the national average of 56 minutes.  “With ER Extra we have seen higher patient satisfaction scores because our patients see a physician faster and leave the emergency room sooner,” said Shannon McKusick, director of emergency services. “We will continue to look for opportunities to further enhance the ease of an emergency room visit and will implement those as we find them.”  

“Naturally no one wants to think about needing emergency services.  However, we want the residents of Charlotte County to know that if they do, ‘ER Extra’ at Charlotte Regional will give them the extra fast, extra easy, and extra great care they deserve,” McKusick said.

Who Comes to the Emergency Department?

The Emergency Department sees a variety of patients including a large number of people with heart problems, people with serious injuries resulting from accidents and even people with colds and coughs. Heart patients receive an even greater level of care because a new monitoring system allows the staff to track the patient's condition no matter where they've been sent, whether it's for an X-ray, lab work or for additional testing in other parts of the hospital.

Our Emergency Department also has a comprehensive Worker's Compensation package that allows employers to have their injured or ill workers seen quickly and efficiently with the least amount of hassle and paperwork.

Ultimately, however, our staff urges you to remember that when there is an emergency, time is of the essence. Getting to the closest emergency room could save your life. Please don't wait - get to an ER quickly.