Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Giving Patients Hope For The FutureCardiacRehab

After experiencing a cardiac event such as a heart attack or open-heart surgery, patients may feel as if their energy and physical activities will never return to the levels once enjoyed.

In fact, many cardiac patients can achieve an active, productive lifestyle through the personalized Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center. Our three-phase program helps patients regain strength and endurance through an individualized diet and exercise regimen. In addition, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program helps patients identify heart disease risk factors and avoid future cardiac problems.

Teaming Up For A Healthier Heart

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center takes a team approach to improving patients' health and vitality. Our skilled cardiac rehabilitation staff includes:

  • Specially Trained Cardiac Nurses
  • Cardiac Technologists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

    Together, our cardiac rehabilitation team motivates and guides patients toward an improved quality of life by focusing on a gradual increase in strength, mobility and independence.

    The First Step Toward Recovery

    Phase one of the cardiac rehabilitation program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center begins even before a patient leaves the hospital. A member of our cardiac rehabilitation team leads the patient through a series of exercises including stretching and walking. Progress is monitored by specialized telemetry equipment and patients are closely supervised throughout all periods of exercise.

    A member of our cardiac rehabilitation staff educates both patients and their family members regarding normal heart function, heart disease and any known heart disease risk factors. He or she will also suggest practical ways to reduce lifestyle-related risk factors, including high blood pressure, high-fat diets and lack of exercise. Educational materials are provided for reference after the patient returns home.

    Bridging the Gap in Cardiac Care

    After discharge, patients may physically be unable to return to the hospital for outpatient rehabilitation for several weeks. To prevent any delays in recovery, Charlotte Regional Medical Center and Home Health Services of Charlotte offer Phase 1 1/2 of our cardiac rehabilitation program. Phase 1 1/2 allows a patient to continue progressing at home. To participate in Phase 1 1/2, patients need to obtain an order from their physicians. This phase begins upon discharge from the hospital and usually lasts three to six weeks or until they are able to continue rehabilitation on an outpatient basis. Patients may find that they enjoy the relationship with their home health nurse and/or therapists and may choose to continue home health care beyond the initially prescribed period. This option should be discussed with the patient's physician, as he or she must order any extension in home health care.

    Continuing Patient Progress

    Once physically able, patients may continue to progress through Phase 2, or outpatient rehabilitation, at Charlotte Regional Medical Center. To participate in Phase 2, an order must be obtained from the patient's physician. This phase of the program lasts approximately 12 weeks, or 36 sessions, depending on the individual's health needs. Our cardiac rehabilitation staff will review the patient's medical history, help them to set realistic goals and guide them through an individualized program of exercise. Exercise sessions may include use of the treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bicycles at our cardiac rehabilitation facility located in the Rehabilitation and Wellness Center on the campus of Charlotte Regional. Heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure are continuously monitored throughout each exercise session. During this phase of the program, patients also will participate in educational sessions focusing on heart disease and angina, risk factors, stress management and proper diet and exercise. Family members are encouraged to attend these sessions with the patient. In addition, guest speakers periodically present mini lectures on a variety of topics relating to cardiac health.

    Maintaining Fitness Levels

    Once the patient has completed Phase 2, most want to maintain the level of activity and fitness they worked so hard to achieve. The Wellness Center is the perfect place to begin Phase 3, or the maintenance phase, of the cardiac recovery. As a graduate of the cardiac rehabilitation program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center, patients receive a discounted membership rate. An exercise specialist at the Wellness Center works with the patient to develop a personalized fitness program that will help to maintain the level of health and fitness achieved during outpatient rehabilitation. Charlotte Regional Medical Center also provides ongoing emotional support to patients and their loved ones through the Heart-to-Heart support group. Monthly Heart-to-Heart group meetings give cardiac patients and their families a forum to share their triumphs and frustrations with others who have had similar experiences. Meetings also feature speakers who address a wide variety of topics relating to heart disease including medications, nutrition and exercise.

    Let Charlotte Regional Help With A Hearty Recovery

    The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center is covered by most health insurance plans, including Medicare. Patients covered by a private insurance company should verify coverage with their carrier. Our financial counselors are happy to assist with any questions or concerns. The cardiac rehabilitation team at Charlotte Regional Medical Center can help patients achieve a more active, heart healthy lifestyle. Ask your physician about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Charlotte Regional Medical Center or call us directly at 941-637-2507.