Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Cover Florida Healthcare Plans

During the 2008 legislative session, the Crist administration worked with legislators of both parties to secure unanimous approval of the Cover Florida Health Care Access Program. This legislation makes affordable health coverage available to 3.8 million uninsured Floridians through a comprehensive marketbased strategy.

Cover Florida gives uninsured Floridians the opportunity to take charge of their own preventive health care. The plan includes a robust set of benefits, including coverage for preventive services, screenings, and office visits, as well as office surgery, urgent care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, and diabetic supplies.

Visit the Cover Florida website for additional information and a current list of providers and resources. Click here to download the Cover Florida consumer information brochure and learn more about the program!

Florida Health Care Consumer Guides

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) provides the website to help the public make well informed health care decisions. The website also enables consumers to find information on medical conditions and symptoms, locate providers and facilities, and research statistical data. The following reference materials can be accessed at

  • Florida Medicaid Resource Guide 
  • Guide to Health and Human Services 
  • Health Care Advance Directives 
  • Patient's Guide To A Hospital Stay 
  • Patient Safety
  • Patient's Bill of Rights  


    Patient Accounts / Business Office

    If you have questions about your hospital or to set-up a payment schedule, dial 941-483-7772.

    Public Notices

    Public Notice Regarding Joint Commission Survey

    Posted January 1, 2006
    Charlotte Regional Medical Center (CRMC) is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which focuses on the quality and safety of care. JCAHO sets quality standards and evaluates organizations’ performance, with the goal of improving the safety and quality of care. Organizations are surveyed by JCAHO on an unannounced basis as of January 1, 2006.

    At any time, anyone who has concerns about patient care and safety in the organization, which the organization has not addressed, he or she is encouraged to contact the organization’s management. The main hospital number is 941-639-3131.

    Charlotte Regional Medical Center
    José F. Morillo, Executive Director
    Rhue LaMont, Chief Nursing Officer

    Riverside Behavioral Center
    Director Clinical Services

    The Center for Wound Care and Hyberbaric Medicine
    Lyam Agosto, Director

    If the concerns cannot be resolved through the organization,
    contact the Joint Commission.

    Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
    One Renaissance Blvd.
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181


    “Pursuant to Florida law, House Bill Number 1629, information relating to this Hospital’s patient charges is available by accessing the State of Florida website:


    “Segun lo accordado por la ley de la Florida, Projecto de ley numero 1629, la informacion relacionada con la tarifa de pacientes in este hospital, esta disponible accessando la siguiente website:

    Resource Directory The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration website includes information on health care facility regulation and licensing, the Florida Medicaid program, managed care (HMOs), and other topics related to the Agency for Health Care Administration. This website provides tools to compare short-term acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, health plans, and nursing homes. The site includes the A.D.A.M. Health Encyclopedia with thousands of articles and illustrations. The site also provides a list of health care facilities; information on insurance, medications, seniors, medical conditions, and resources for medical care; consumer publications; information for health care professionals; and much more. This website compares prices for the most commonly used prescription drugs in Florida. (888) 419-3456

    Florida Department of Health or
    (850) 488-0595

    Florida Hospital Association



    National Institutes of Health
    (301) 496-4000 or TTY (301) 402-9612

    The Joint Commission
    (800) 994-6610