Mission Statement

Charlotte Regional Medical Center

Mission Statement

Caring professionals dedicated to serving our community.


Charlotte Regional Medical Center strives to continuously improve healthcare for all citizens in our community. As an organization, we are committed to the review and improvement of organizational performance and customer outcomes through continuous self-assessment. We foster quality through the selection, support and growth of our employees. Through collaborative efforts, new and future programs will be assessed and implemented.


As an organization, we promote our belief in quality, organization and growth. Our intense value and respect for our customers and employees is reflected in the following goals:

  • Continuously assess level of care and hospitality provided to our customers, patients, physicians, community, employees, etc.
  • Support collaborative interdepartmental and intradepartmental problem solving.
  • Promote a mutually supportive and respectful relationship in our policies and actions with our patients, physicians, community and employees.
  • Assess, plan, evaluate and implement new services and programs.
  • Strive to provide quality healthcare through the determination of quality and competence of our employees.
  • Support employee growth and development through performance assessment and guided growth.
  • Provide care for our patients in a manner that supports the individual dignity of each person.